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Farm Buyer Club is a free to join membership platform created to secure the future of the UK's family farms. Through the growing membership of this buyer club, we are using the collaborative buying power of a large group of individual farming businesses to secure preferential prices and rates for our members, our belief is we as farmers are stronger if we are as one rather than as individuals. Become a part of this rapidly expanding community to access a growing range of products and services required to run any farming business at the best price GUARANTEED.

This Buyer Club is run solely by farmers for farmers.

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Buy through Farm Buyer Club for improved animal health delivered to your door.

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Kit, Implements & Parts

Source kit, spares, installations and more from the shop or search through our network of suppliers.

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Inputs & Seeds

Find a wide range of inputs in or contact us for custom blends best suited to your farm environment.

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Animal Husbandry

Shop from a range of medicines and supplements to support the health and welfare of your animals.

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Farm Buyer Club have teamed up with Lycetts Insurance brokers who have over 60 years’ experience in rural insurance. They insure farms all over the UK (through their network of 16 offices) and are able to approach various insurers to provide you with the cover you need at a competitive premium.

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With so much choice and competition across the agricultural markets for machinery, infrastructure, fencing and goods, let us do the groundwork and source quotes and options when it’s time to make your next purchase. We search our nationwide network of dealers and manufactures for the best products and prices for you.

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Giving back

Farm Buyer Club is a social enterprise. This means is we are set up to serve the interests of our community, first and foremost. Farming has the highest suicide rate of any industry in the UK. We believe so strongly in the hardship and difficulties that Britain’s family farms face not just financial that we donate and invest 10% of all profits to mental health charities and British farmers.

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